Introduction to micro:bit

The micro:bit is a microcomputer that allows you to design, create, and test a variety of fun and educational projects. This microcontroller contains a processor, input and output pins, and is powered by two AAA batteries. It can display text, numbers, images, and animations on its screen, measure temperature, determine cardinal directions, and includes sensors for motion and light. Micro:bit v2 also has built-in speaker and microphone. It can connect with other devices and sensors to communicate via radio. With its components and features, and through programming, the micro:bit can easily be transformed into various interactive and functional devices.

The electronics of the micro:bit are fully exposed due to its educational purpose, and it’s important to handle it with care. Before you start working with the micro:bit, carefully study the instructions and safety warnings on how to use it.

To effectively use the micro:bit in an Escape room challenge, examine the images below to familiarize yourself with micro:bit parts and sensors.

Micro:bit parts - front
Micro:bit parts - back

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