Micro:bit Escape room materials

Dear teachers,

On this page you will find educational and implementation materials that we have prepared for you as part of the Erasmus+ project Micro:bit and Escape room.

The goal of the project is the development of resources and environments to encourage computer literacy among elementary school students through the use of Micro:bit and modern educational tools based on experiential learning.

Activity timeline:

  • April 23rd & 24th – Teacher online training
  • April/May/June – Student preparation for the Escape room activity
  • Mid-May/June – Micro:bit Escape room implementation with students (piloting in schools)
  • June – Final online conference for teachers (project results)

Following online training, our objective is for teachers to integrate these resources and activities into their classrooms within the academic year 2023./2024., aiming to implement the escape room activities by the end of the school year.

Note: Before and after the implementation of the Micro:bit Escape Room activity with the students, both teachers and students need to fill out evaluation questionnaires. 

Study the curriculum and micro:bit basics materials to successfully prepare the students for the escape room activity. Once they are ready, set up the classroom for the Micro:bit Escape room activity and implement it with students using the micro:bit escape room platform.

Curriculum and micro:bit basics


The curriculum offers teachers a guide for engaging students aged 7-14 in interactive programming, problem-solving, and teamwork exercises using micro:bit and Escape room activity. For effective implementation, teachers are encouraged to facilitate hands-on activities that inspire students to explore, create, and collaborate, enhancing their learning experience in a fun and educational environment.

Micro:bit Basics

Micro:bit course, consisting of 10 lessons, guides students through the fundamentals of using and programming micro:bit, preparing them for different Escape room challenges.

Equipment: micro:bit v2, microUSB cable, computer with internet access, battery case, 2x AAA batteries

Evaluation questionnaires

Before and after the implementation of the Micro:bit Escape room activity with the students, both teachers and students need to fill out evaluation questionnaires.

Please note that all responses are anonymous, and the data collected is solely for the purpose of evaluating activities within the Erasmus+ project: Micro:bit and Escape room. Completing the questionnaire is voluntary and all responses will be kept confidential.


Evaluation questionnaires for teachers are in online form. Click the corresponding button below to access the form.


Evaluation questionnaires for students are in paper form. Please download each questionnaire, translate the questions to your language, print them and distribute them to students. Each student should individually fill out the evaluation questionnaire. Please note that all responses are anonymous.

Collect the completed evaluations. At the end of the activity, please scan and send us the completed evaluations to e-mail address teodora.tadej@irim.hr

Micro:bit Escape room preparation

A Micro:bit Escape room is an innovative twist on the traditional escape room experience, incorporating micro:bits as essential components. In this interactive adventure, primary school students solve puzzles using the capabilities of micro:bits strategically placed throughout the room. They must collaborate, employ problem-solving skills, and utilize the features of the micro:bits to progress through the challenges within a set time limit of 60 minutes. From decoding messages to programming tasks, each micro:bit presents a unique puzzle that teams must conquer to advance.

Click on the button below to download micro:bit programs and A4 markings to set up an Escape room. For each language you can download the materials for Younger age group (Level 1) and Older age group (Level 2). Thoroughly examine all the details regarding the preparation of the escape room activity in this PDF.

Implementation - Micro:bit Escape room platform

Below are Micro:bit Escape room platforms sorted in 2 categories: Level 1 (Younger age group) and Level 2 (Older age group). For each category there is a version in Croatian, Greek and Portuguese.

For each level and language there will also be custom made platforms for students with disabilities:

  • Platform for students with visual impairment – bigger font size, black background – white text contrast, hover option, more time for solving Escape room
  • Platform for students with reading difficulties – specific font type and size, adjusted line spacing, text organized in smaller sections, adjusted backgorund color, more time for solving Escape room

To access the platform, students will need an entry code. Each school that participates in this project will receive their own list of unique entry codes via e-mail. For additional entry codes, please send an email to teodora.tadej@irim.hr.

On the platform welcome page, there is a list of instructions for the teams. Please make sure each team understands all the instructions before they start. After they enter the code and start the time, you can’t interfere and help them – teams must resolve all the tasks on their own.

After they filled out all the boxes in the form or the time is up, teams need to click on the SUBMIT button (POŠALJI, ΥΠΟΒΟΛΗ, ENVIAR) to submit their result. They need to make sure to check their answers before clicking the submit button because afterwards the score page will show up.

Level 1 – Younger age group

Level 2 – Older age group

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